Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is 'Fine'?

So, how are you?
Of course you'll say fine.
But, what is 'Fine' really describe for you?
Are you really fine? Or should I ask 'really?'?
Fine is only one word, but there's a lot of meaning with 'Fine'
If someone ask me about that, so here it is...

All the answer for 'Fine' its all depends on the situation.
My situation now is, yes I'm fine.
I'm fine, even tho I don't have a job now.
I'm fine, even tho I don't have much money.
I'm fine, even tho I'm not graduate yet.
I'm fine, even tho my dreams still seems so far away.
I'm fine, even tho other grasses is greener than mine.

Why I said fine when the truth is I'm not?
Because I feel thankful, I feel grateful.
Because if you think that you have a bad luck, you have to look down.
You'll see someone's big problems, and it's bigger than yours.
You broke up with your boyfriend, someone lost their love by death.
You lost  your job, someone crying everyday because their bosses.
You don't have enough money to buy your favorite bag, someone use a plastic bag for their bag.
And there's more problems.

Someone said, 'Fake it until you make it."
So, can you fake it for being fine?
I know it's hard, it's really hard that you can't fake it.
Just look around you, look what you have now.
And look  at the mirror, look what God's created in this world.
God gave you a life to live in this world for a reason,
Just be thankful for what you have now, even tho there's a lot of things that you don't want to.
But, there's always a good reason from a bad things.
You don't know it yet, but you will.
Just try harder, stay strong, don't forget to pray, and wait...
You'll find your own 'Fine' and you'll get bonus also, it called 'Happiness'.

So, how are you? Are you fine? I know you are. Don't forget to smile... 😉

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